Chloe and Jeremy
Nouvelle Amsale Dress: Mischa
Grabill, Indiana

Chloe and Jeremy met on Chloe’s 25th birthday, oddly enough, at her parents’ home. How Jeremy ended up at Chloe’s family home is the more interesting and befuddling part of this meet cute. To understand, we must begin at the beginning.

Chloe and Jeremy went to neighboring schools in the Fort Wayne area. Although Chloe befriended Jeremy’s high school girlfriend at running camp, they never met through their high school years.

Chloe and Jeremy both attended to Purdue University to study Engineering, graduating in 2013 and 2012, respectively. Jeremy and Chloe had mutual friends through college but somehow never met. They even have pictures which the other is in, but simply didn’t connect though the years.

Fast forward two years, and Chloe has invited friends to her parents’ home to celebrate her birthday and Fourth of July. Jeremy was also in town visiting his family. One of the guys invited Jeremy over, agreeing that he would only stay for the afternoon. Three days later, Jeremy was still wearing the same clothes, hadn’t brushed his teeth, and was having breakfast with everyone at Chloe’s parents’ home. Although his mother missed him that holiday, the rest is history, and Chloe and Jeremy have been together since.

Chloe and Jeremy chose to get married at the same place they met – Chloe’s parent’s home. They wanted a fun and natural wedding at the place they find prettiest.

Photos by: GEM Photography

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