Prints for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids set the tone for the entire wedding—they are the first people your guests see at the ceremony and they set the tone for the event. They also bring a lot of life to the party. That's why I love to dress them in gowns that make them feel gorgeous and confident—the women really shine!

Traditionally, chiffon printed gowns have been worn by the guests rather than the bridesmaids, who wear solid-color gowns in coordinating or matching shades. But I love the look of a beautiful chiffon print for the bridal party; it is enchanting to the eye and creates a mood of delight and romance. It is a fresh look that plays off the flowers in the wedding, and is simply so feminine.

The idea is necessarily not dress all your attendants in prints—there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, after all. The print gown works best as an accent within a smaller bridal party, where the maid of honor wears a chiffon print, and the other bridesmaids wear gowns that pick up the key shades in her dress. It creates a fashionable and coherent look for your attendants.

Within my own collection, I created several prints that fit naturally into the color palette. A coral print is complemented by our solid-color dresses in coral or charcoal; a shell print looks beautiful against dresses in graphite, charcoal, or truffle; and a French blue print harmonizes with gowns in French blue, navy and slate.

Flirt with the idea of adding print to your wedding party, and I think you and your bridesmaids will truly enjoy it. My philosophy is that the bridesmaid should want to wear her dress many times over—and these chiffon gowns will look fabulous at summer parties for years to come.