Amsale Aspire

Creating new paths to diversity in entrepreneurship.

Amsale Aberra, an African refugee from Ethiopia, parlayed her talent, drive, and FIT education into a global fashion brand. The first Black female designer elected to the CFDA, Amsale is recognized as the inventor of the modern wedding dress.

Galvanized by her inspiring personal story and in partnership with her family and AMSALE, the company she founded, Amsale and FIT have created Amsale Aspire – an initiative dedicated to defeating systemic racism in the fashion industry by creating resilient pathways for Black students to develop transformative entrepreneurial skills to build successful businesses and eminent careers.


Our core

Amsale Aspire will be a core program of the new Social Justice Collaborative at FIT, an alliance of leaders from the fashion, design, media, communications, entertainment, production, advertising, and marketing industries dedicated to eradicating the barriers preventing the advancement of workforce diversity and minority-owned business enterprises.

Ultimately, the Collaborative will solve the issues of access and equity by changing corporate and organizational culture, supporting the stewardship of talent, and implementing strategies for relationship cultivation in the creative industries.

In addition to providing scholarships to aspiring students, the Amsale Aspire initiative will include mentorships and apprenticeships, as well as career advice, entrepreneurship coaching, and job placement.


If you would like to learn more about the scholarships or to partner with us in the funding of this program, please contact