Sam & Denver
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Nouvelle Amsale "Amanda" Outdoor Wisconsin Wedding

Photography: Geneoh Photography

I met Denver at a concert in Chicago. My friend’s band was opening for his band. We fell in love a month later while canoeing down the Wisconsin River in Spring Green, Wisconsin and the rest is history!

Nouvelle Amsale "Amanda" Floral Lace Details

 “Amanda” was actually the first and only dress I tried on. The second I walked out in front of the mirrors at White Dress Bridal, I knew it was the one. I love how much it resembled my mom’s wedding dress!

Cedarburg, Wisconsin Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Woods

The wedding took place at my mom’s farmhouse. The ceremony was under the massive willow tree and reception took place in the barn. It was a no brainer for us to get married there – that house and big red barn will always be near and dear to my heart. Not to mention, the acoustics in the barn beg for the live music that filled our day, the string lights called for a night of dancing and the willow tree felt like it canopied over all of our guests and held in the love for the ceremony.

Nouvelle Amsale "Amanda" Cedarburg, Wisconsin Wedding

This shot was taken right after we were married and the sun was setting so perfectly, and it was just us standing in the path leading to the barn where the celebrations were just beginning.  I know that even decades from now, I will be able to look at our faces in that photo and know exactly how I felt in that very moment.

Nouvelle Amsale "Amanda" Cedarburg, Wisconsin Wedding Reception

Our entire day revolved around the music we love. Because Denver is a musician and because what I lack in talent, I make up for in appreciation – we incorporated the music we love throughout our entire day.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin Barn Wedding Reception

Denver’s old bandmate and singer-songwriter Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) performed “First Day of My Life” and Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best” during the ceremony, local and loved Americana band Nickel&Rose had everyone swinging their dance partners around during cocktail hour, and Har Mar Superstar/Heart Bones warmed up the barn all night with their original songs and renditions of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. While there is not one story in particular that made it special, it was the coming together of our people that made this day so, so unforgettable. Months later and we still cannot stop smiling. 

Nouvelle Amsale "Amanda" Cedarburg, Wisconsin Wedding

Hair & Make-up: Wide Eyed Bride