Melissa & Nick
Stone Ridge, New York
Bride’s Dress: “Billie” by Amsale
Bride and groom walking down the aisle at garden wedding

Photography: Jessie Casey Photography

My friend Brouck kept telling me that I had to meet her new boyfriend Kyle’s best friend. She insisted that we would be perfect for each other. We met at a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and while I thought he was adorable and there was something different about him that made me a good kind of nervous, I had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn’t ready. According to Brouck, Nick kept asking about me... while he was busy dating plenty of other people at the time. Brouck and Kyle broke up, but I always thought about Nick. A year or so later I was on a date and turned a corner and ran into Nick also on a date. I broke up with the guy I was seeing within the week and that was that. I asked him to a movie; he asked if Elroy (my, now our) dog could join. We ate cheap tacos, drank Manhattans, and I knew that this was my guy.

Man and woman holding dog on a leash

Nick proposed in our apartment on our third dating anniversary so Elroy our dog could be present. Then we went for cocktails and gumbo at a neighborhood spot.

Bride holding a flower bouquet

“Billie” was the first dress that I tried on! I went with my mother, my mother-in-law, and my uncle’s husband. I fell in love with the fit and simplicity of the dress right away. It was perfect for a summer wedding.

Wedding tent setup

We got married at the Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge. We knew we wanted to get married outside of the city and at a place that we could spend the whole weekend with family and friends. We drove past Hasbrouck House when going from one venue to another and did a U-turn in the road. We walked the grounds and fell in love with the style and kind staff immediately. And as an added bonus we found out that our friend Brouck who introduced us is a descendant of the Hasbroucks!

Bride and husband dancing


Bride and husband dancing some more

It was hot! Everyone was worried about the heat leading up to it, but the second the reception started, the sun went down, men took off their jackets, and it turned into a huge dance party. The highlight might be dancing to Frank Sinatra with my 94 year old Grandpa, who did not leave the dance floor till the absolute end of the night. It was just all a blast! We would do it again in a heartbeat.

Bride and husband holding hands

Bride’s Dress: “Billie” by Amsale
Purchased at: Amsale Flagship
Photography: Jessie Casey
Videographer: Garden House Films